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The 5 Simp Styles Quiz is a parody of the 5 Love Languages Quiz.
It's a more specific and relatable quiz created for millenials/gen z's with actual examples
meaning a more accurate love language can be calculated. Enjoy and happy simping!!!

Caution: You are a simp, lol.

Click on the statement that is more relatable:

  1.   OR  

  2.   OR  

  3.   OR  

  4.   OR  

  5.   OR  

  6.   OR  

  7.   OR  

  8.   OR  

  9.   OR  

  10.   OR  

  11.   OR  

  12.   OR  

  13.   OR  

  14.   OR  

  15.   OR  

  16.   OR  

  17.   OR  

  18.   OR  

  19.   OR  

  20.   OR  

  21.   OR  

  22.   OR  

  23.   OR  

  24.   OR  

  25.   OR  

  26.   OR  

  27.   OR  

  28.   OR  

  29.   OR  

  30.   OR  

  31.   OR  

Your primary simp style is:

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